Meeting Overview

Nano@IAState is a single day meeting to bring together ISU, Ames Lab and industrial scientists and researchers working on the synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials and applications of nanoscience. The meeting will be held on Thursday July 27, 2017 in the Memorial Union South Ballroom and Sun Room. The meeting will consist of oral presentations and a poster session. The meeting is open to ISU and Ames Lab graduate and undergraduate students, staff and faculty, and members of local industry. 15 minute oral presentations are limited to graduate students, post-docs and invited speakers. The poster session is open to all participants.

Poster and Oral Presentation Information

Oral Presentations will have a total duration of 15 minutes, including a few minutes for questions from the audience. Please prepare your talk so that it lasts 12 – 13 minutes.

The boards for Poster Presentations will be 4′ x 4′. Please make sure your poster is 4′ wide or narrower. Poster boards will be available after the first coffee break. Please bring your posters in the morning so that you can hang them up early.

Prizes will be awarded for the best poster and oral presentations.


We are grateful to the following sponsors for making the meeting possible:

The Startup Factory, Iowa State University Research Park, The Ames Laboratory, ISU VP Economic Development, The College of Engineering, The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, The Department of Materials Science and Engineering, The Department of Chemistry, The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.

Meeting Agenda and Program

A Short Meeting Program with a listing of speakers and posters is available for download here. A Complete Meeting Program with a full listing of abstracts is also available.

A meeting and speaker schedule is posted below:

A list of poster presentations and numbering is provided below:

Meeting Venue

The meeting will take place on the second floor of the Memorial Union (MU). Paid parking is available in the MU parking facility. Alternatively, complimentary ISU visitor parking passes valid for gold lots on campus can be obtained at:

•Conference badges will be available for pickup in the West Lobby outside of the MU South Ballroom. Light breakfast will be provided from 7:45 to 8:10 in the MU South Ballroom.

•All Oral presentations will take place in the MU Southern Ballroom.

•Lunch will take place in the Oak Room and Durham Great Hall.

•The cocktail hour/poster session will take place in the Sun Room.

Organizing Committee

Aaron Rossini – Chemistry
Matthew Panthani – Chemical and Biological Engineering
Martin Thuo – Materials Science and Engineering